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We welcome you to the “Galaxy”, an annual unconventional performance series told through a fictional story. This interactive event evokes high energy, alongside historical ballroom culture, where the most creative of the creative come together for one night only, battling for trophies, cash prizes, bragging rights, and fun. 

Best described as a hyper-queer extravaganza, the Galaxy Ball continues to bring underground Ballroom culture and HIV/AIDS awareness to the forefront, featuring fictional stories written and produced by True T founders Dez & Naheen.

The Annual Galaxy Ball series celebrates the Ballroom Community, a black and brown LGBT underground sub-culture that for decades has been popularized by some of your favorite celebrities (example(s): Madonna, Queen Beyonce', and Tamar Braxton) . Since 2012 the annual Galaxy Ball series has invested more than $50,000.00 into the local Ballroom community of Pittsburgh.

All funds raised from the Annual Galaxy Ball go towards the support of programming and opportunities for the Pittsburgh Ballroom Community. 


2013 | World AIDS Day
[Hilton Inn]

2014 | Miss Galaxy
[Andy Warhol Museum]

2015 | Blood Moon
[Wyndam Grand Hotel]

2016 | Voodoo
[August Wilson Center for African American History]

2017 | Rumors
[Ace Hotel Pittsburgh]

2019 | AI: Artificial Intelligence
[Clear Story Studios]

2020 | TBA