Black Gay Prom is meant to create nostalgic memories for LGBTQIA+ individuals who have never had the experience of attending high school prom because they were “different."​​ This prom celebrates the excellence within the black and brown queer communities of color but is open to all allies of LGBTQIA+ people of color, no matter sexual orientation, race, and gender. ​​​​​Created out of necessity and by request of the community, we are in our 2nd year of this production which will take place every August. 

2018 [A Night Beneath the Stars]
2019 [TBA]

2018 King & Queen

Quinton Garnder and Mila Ford


2018 Prom Court

Queen ​

Alona Johnson
Vanesa Carter
Ashley Wright
Royal Diamond
Aria Copeland
Holly Smith
Jo Rey
Tinky Younger

King ​​

Demond Smith
Tyreese Lamar
Aubre Westbrook
Ke Simmons
Delorian Draper
Ebone Drake
Nic Smith
Jessie Taylor