Lead by Artistic Director; Deandre Gardner; kNOwShade is a vogue performance ensemble based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania that creates brave, experimental, hyper queer art through visual, dance, and theater. kNOwShade speaks from the perspectives of today’s urban LGBTQ youth/young adults of color with goals to build a diverse community of support for both the performers and their respective artistic expressions. #kNOwShade is currently in its 3rd year of productions since its debut at the Kelly Strayhorn Theater’s 9th Annual New Moves Contemporary Dance Festival in May 2016.

Deandre "Havoc" Gardner | Artistic Director
Dez’Manian | Lead Choreographer
Jahmar “Tinky” Younger | Ensemble Captain
Naheen Cavalleri | Bookings Manager

Past Performances:
New Moves Contemporary Dance Festival - Sunday T - [2016]
Pride in The Streets  [2016]
Dreams of Hope Fundraiser [2016]
Off the Wall Theater [2016]
Big Wig Ball, Dreams of Hope Fundraiser  [2017]
JunglePussy, Roots Pride Pgh [2017]
Pay Tribute a Black History Performance Retrospect [2018]
Hotter Than July - Ace Hotel [2018]
My People's Arts Series [2018]

All Rehearsals are held at the Kelly Strayhorn Theater’s Alloy Studios. Auditions occur once per year for core group members and work on a rolling basis, utilizing local talent for other performances and projects. If interested, email us at [email protected]

Booking Inquiries

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