2017 Vogue workshops w/Leiyomi Maldonado [BlackOUT Week]
"Strike A Pose... Vogue!"​​​​​​​

You've seen it on the FX hit-series POSE now learn how to do it like the Legends!

Led by 2015 Pittsburgh Ballroom Hall-of-Fame inductee; Legendary Havoc Ebony (DeAndre Lamonte Gardner). This vogue workshop will break down "The 5 Elements of Vogue" and guide more advanced participants in mastering "The Art of Performance", ending with a class on battling at a Ball.

Deandre, also known as 'Havoc Ebony', is a Pittsburgh native who has been involved in the ballroom scene for 15 years. 

His primary category is Butch Queen Vogue Femme and is nationally recognized as a Ballroom Legend for his talents. He has battled the best of the best while traveling from state to state to make his name.

Havoc is also a Pittsburgh Ballroom Hall of Fame recipent, an active member of the House of Ebony, and hopes to leave a lasting legacy on the ball community and to train many eager individuals wanting to express themselves through the art of vogue. 

Classes are currently closed. 
Spring/Summer schedule TBA